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There are many aspects we can consider which lead to the success of Steve Jobs as a technopreneure. Before looking at the success and failure we will see what does technopreneur means. Technopreneur’s is entrepreneurs who starts their own business using technology, new ideas, originative, enthusiastic, and self-confident and fervent about their work. They are always ready to accept risk, face trials and aim for greater achievement. Technopreneur’s struggle for continual improvement of the economy. Technopreneur’s are ready to accept failure because they view things differently and walks persistently for next challenge. Technopreneur’s intelligence can be seen by the way he/she think, the way he/she moves, and most importantly the self-assurance…show more content…
It was once said by some author, “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success”. I totally agree to this statement because one should be patient enough, firm and hard working to achieve success in life. Sometimes before achieving success, we do experience failure and this failure reminds us to be more hardworking as said by Harvey Mackay “I’ve known entrepreneurs who were not great salespeople, or didn't know how to code, or were not particularly charismatic leaders. But I don't know of any entrepreneurs who have achieved any level of success without persistence and determination.
Factors that contribute to the success and failure of a Steve Job as a technopreneur are:
First, Steve Jobs was one of the most Passionate person. He just kept on discovering, learning and understanding the complexity of things. Jobs got his skills from his father. He constantly learning, building new things while still having fun. Though Jobs, at his early age, didn’t have any idea about exactly he would become in his future, all he knew he happened to change the world. It wasn’t until he encountered Wozniak (who soon became the co-founder of Apple), he began to realize his purpose --- “revolutionizing the world of personal computing”. Steve said “The only way to do great is to love what you
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Product Development
For business product to be successful one should know and consider the essentials and requirements of a customer, the competitive atmosphere, and the nature of the market. Three main variables: Cost, time and quality, if aimed, companies can advance their strategies to satisfy customers’ needs and increase their share in market by launching new products regularly.
Failures of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur:
On the other hand, Step Jobs was not a consistent icon of success. He too experienced downfall. Being fired from the company he helped to exist was the hardest thing that ever happened to Steve but somehow it triggered him to be innovative in other aspect of technology. In accordance with what I’ve read on the net, Steve jobs management style was always been being talked about. He was hideous, arrogant, demanding, inconsistent, etc. as they labelled him and through viewing entirely the movie “pirates of the Silicon valley” he really are. If the great advisor says in order to have a horizontal relationship with your employees, you must be pleasant to the people around you, but for Steve Jobs? That’s, a
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