Steve Jobs: The Most Influential People Around The World

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Steve Jobs is an amazing guy who influences many people around the world today. Ever since Steve was put up for adoption, his life changed and 17 years later, he went to college. All though Steve never graduated from college he became a very special and honored man around this world. The minute he dropped out of college, he started to become brilliant and now all the people can learn from him and create new ideas. In the commencement speech that Steve Jobs spoke, we can learn plentiful of ideas and lessons. One major lesson we get from this man is to keep believing in yourself even if others don’t. Steve Jobs started his own company named “Apple” on the date of April 1, 1976. This is the company we love today with our electronics and…show more content…
One of them was dropping out of college, but he never doubted the country and he still influences people around the world today. His choices still influence people because in the end he did the right thing to deserve an impactful life. Although he dropped out of college, maybe if he didn’t he would not have the time to make his company. And then, there would be no apple, macintosh or Ipad’s and Ipod 's. So, the life that he chose was very interesting to people and these people are influenced by him because they want to make their own company or become part of a new one. Another thing that influences people around the world with Steve Jobs is the fact that he never stopped trying even when he got fired from his own company. He kept going and made it better and bigger (don’t you know that bigger is better and better is bigger The Song). Lastly, Steve Jobs battled cancer for about nine months before he had his surgery. Since he had pancreatic cancer, they thought he would not live long, but then surprisingly is was operable. Steve Jobs never gave up, he fought hard and won against cancer! This helps people get through life day after day and makes them
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