Steve Jobs Major Accomplishments

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“Design it not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works” -Steve Jobs Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur, inventor, industrial designer, and CEO and Co founder of Apple Inc. He has had a major effect of design, music, businesses, technology and people’s everyday lives. (“Steve Jobs and the ‘me’ generation” database p.B20) The early life of Steve Jobs was very important, his childhood played a major role in all of his success. Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. His birth mother was very young when she had him. She wanted him to have a better life and she wanted him to go to college, so she decided to put him up for Adoption. His adoptive parents were Paul and Clara Jobs. Although neither of them had graduated college,…show more content…
His friends during his early career were a crucial part of his success. Jobs met many of his friends when he started attending Homestead High School. Many of the students he met shared the same interest as him. One of his friends, Stephen Woz knew a lot about electronics, even more than Jobs! These two worked together and were able to build the first version of a smaller computer. After this major success, the two Steves decided to take their hobby to the next level and become business partners. Working together allowed the two to run a thriving business. To help start their business, Jobs sold two calculators, and bought parts for $15,000 on credit, and also had the help of a couple friends. The very first business success came from selling blue boxes. The blue boxes were designed to trick telephone companies’ computers into marking a long distance call as a local call. Although this part of their business was soon shut down, it was an important part to Jobs career. Without the start of selling blue boxes Apple would of most likely never existed. Steve Jobs attended Reed College in Portland, but he decided to drop out after just one semester. After this he decided to apply for a two year job at Atari. Once he saved enough money he traveled to India with one of his close friends. When he returned, he continued working at Atari where he began attending meetings for a group of people who were interested in electronics and engineering, which made this job a great learning experience for him. (“Steve Jobs and the ‘me’ generation” database p.B20) Steve Jobs had a major impact on the world due to all of his work with technology and design. Unlike most companies, Jobs focused on making user friendly products that were simple to use. Most of Apple’s products are easily portable, so they can be taken anywhere if needed. Apple’s products also make it very easy to do almost anything from just one device. Apple
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