Steve Wagendorf: The Person Who Changed My Life

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Some people leave a lasting imprint in your life because of their genuine character they bring to earth, Steve Wagendorf would fall into this category. Steve met me when I was very young because my father worked with him through the Soil Conservation Agency. I remember meeting Steve at the Regent Co-op and right away when I walked in he showed a happy smile that was contagious. Steve honestly cared about people and always wanted to brighten anybody’s day. I got to know him better growing up and he was an essential part to our Speech program. When I would go to Regent’s Burgers & Brats, I knew Steve was grilling before I got there because I could hear his Polka music playing! Steve brought a fun filled mood anywhere he went. Even when he wasn’t feeling well he still was involved. What amazed me most was that he never became negative.…show more content…
He inspired me to be positive in my own life while carrying great integrity. Steve brought passion to everything he did and was a true friend to many. He was never afraid to lend a helping hand to someone. I strive to help people without expecting anything back in return because it creates a person who can lead. When he was faced with health struggles he kept fighting to be a good person to all. He taught me to never give up on myself when I am struggling because I am capable of more than I could believe possible. At speech meets he would walk through the halls and be encouraging to everybody while bringing humor. I try to apply this to my own life by flashing a smile at anyone to hopefully lighten any bitter mood. Steve left an imprint in my life to enjoy every day with a positive attitude. Just as that tree flourishes that he planted in the Regent Park, his genuine character flourished with kindness that is still growing into other’s
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