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The journalist Steve Wilstein is a great, famous, and a achieving journalist. He has had major articles dealing with any type of sport. He was a sports journalist for big stories and a photographer for sports. He would use his photographer for the stories he would write, some photos were quit the action shot. He has made it to the Hall of Fame in his writing. To me his work is excellent and very detailed, it's interesting to read also to share with some people. I chose him as a journalist because he is realistic, known for his work, published a book of sports and other writers, and the way he writes about sports.
The way Wilstein writes is not the fake stuff you see in magazines or on blogs. He shows the true meaning of writing about sports and actually shows the photographs for his writing. The
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“ Associated Press sports writing handbook” by Steve Wilstein is about other writers in the sports field and who is famous for their work. It was to help others that would like to proceed in the career of journalism. To show others how to become like the. The writers he wrote about are famous for their work as well as he was. Jim Litke was a journalist for sports and a photographer. Jim had big stories as well, he has more of any other kind of sport, like golf, baseball, swimmers, and managers. Joan Ryan was a lady who had several big stories and famous for her work. She wrote story on Molina's dad when he was a baseball coach for little league and died on the field due to a heart attack. This was one of her famous stories because of the detail she put in it. It shows me that there is more writers for the sports industry. They all show me there can be many different type of stories from different authors some can be little and some are major. This is what amazes me about journalism, the stories are not just based on what someone what said, it is about what they learn and solve to make a good headline or
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