Steve Wozniak: A Personal Analysis

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Steve Wozniak once said,” Whenever smart people work, doors are unlocked.” I can relate to this, because when I work on something, I try to go through the problem and I find other ways to answer it. I think out of the box and try to go a different way of answering anything. People think try to show off my smarts, but I just want to know the easiest way to answer a problem. The people that influenced me the most to be that way is my mom and dad. They taught me to find the easiest way in answering something, so it would make sense to me. I would also describe myself as a well-rounded person. I do a little bit of everything like sports, clubs, and I help out in my community. Everyone has different perspectives, but I see myself as smart and well-rounded even though others see me as arrogant.

For example, I see myself as well-rounded. I do many various activities, and I am in different clubs. One kind of activity I do are, sports. I do basketball, baseball, and football. I personally like baseball the most, because of the friends you make, and how you play the game. The other clubs I am in are 4-H and I hope I will be in FFA and FBLA. In these clubs you learn about farming, business, agriculture,and etc. I want to learn about this stuff, because I was born on a farm, and I want to learn more about it. Another example, I am
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In Steve Wozniak’s quote, he said whenever smart people work, doors are unlocked, and I can relate. When I work on something, I try to find other ways to solve it. People that have made me to be this way is my mom and dad. They have also made me well-rounded because they had the chance to play sports and go to school, so they wanted me to have the same choice. Other people can see this to be arrogant, but my parents just want the best for me. I am happy with who I have become and I try to better
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