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Steven Fria is 14 years old who was born and raised in New York. He’s from one of the most dangerous neighborhood in the south Bronx called Mitchell Projects. His mother Ada Cintron gave birth to him at Saint Luke’s Hospital July, 22, 2002. He was an only child. He had no brothers or sisters. His parents been together for 17 years and, they actually attended the same high school John F Kennedy. Steven was very spoiled by his father he will always get what he wants when it comes to sneakers and clothes. Most of his family from his mother side lives in Dominican Republic. His family from his father side lives in Brooklyn Sunset. Steven attended Truman High school. He was a sophomore at that school. He only lasted at Truman four months of his sophomore year.…show more content…
Tito was concern about nutting happening to his son. He didn’t want his son going to school In the Bronx because of the problems he had in the streets. Tito beef was so serious in the Bronx that he had one of his gang members drive Steven to school and, pick him up as well. His grades in school weren’t good at all because of the life environment he lived in. Steven was mostly raised by his mother because his father was mostly in prison. Steven loves to work out and play basketball. He’s a very big fan of the Knicks and, Carmelo Anthony. Steven played at the JV Basketball team for Truman but because his grades were not good they took him off the team. The position he played was point guard and, shooting guard. Every summer Ada use to send Steven to Dominican Republic to spend the summer with his grandparents. Steven comes from a very hard and, low income neighborhood. Ada was born and raised in New York but her parents are from Dominican Republic Santiago. Ada is 35 years old she’s a very nice person but didn’t have a job because of her drug

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