Steven Johnson Syndrome

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Steven Johnson and toxic Epidermal Necrolysis the over lapping syndrome

Steven Johnson Syndrome and toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
SJS is also known as Steven Johnson Syndrome it is one of the rarest and painful skin disorder anyone can encounter it is mainly triggered by Drugs and medications. The diagnosis is suspected clinically and classified based on the skin surface area detached at maximum extent. This syndrome attacks the skins and mucosa membranes in the following ways. The skin will blisters and start detaching, exposing red, oozing dermis. The Nikolsky sign is positive in areas of skin redness. This means that blisters appear when the skin is rubbed gently. The mucosa membranes that are involved are the eye, lips, mouth,
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Patients with SJS initially experience flulike symptoms, itching, coughing, headache, myalgia, burning of the eyes, and fever lasting 1 to 14 days. The characteristic rash usually appears 1 to 3 weeks after exposure to the offending trigger. At first, the rash appears red and purple Next, target lesions develop: small vesicles (blisters) on an erythematous or dusky purple base. Often, SJS involves bullae (fluid-filled lesions more than 5 mm in diameter) and more atypical target lesions: erythematous or dusky purple but variable in size, confluent (tending to move together), and including vesicles (raised lesions filled with clear fluid and less than 5 mm in diameter),-" ' The lesions tend to be painful and itchy. They can occur anywhere but arc most commonly found on the face, trunk, hands, soles, and fronts of the arms and legs. As the rash spreads, it can cause blistering of all (Simmons 2007). The mucosa membranes will be affected in the following ways: The eyes will become red, sticky, and soar causing conjunctivitis, The mouth and lips will become red and clustered and the mouth will begin to get ulcers, esophagus will swell which would cause difficulty eating, The upper respiratory track will start closing up due to all the swelling causing and respiratory distress, The genital and urinary track will also gain ulcers, and the GI track will be affected causing severe diarrhea These signs and symptoms are very painful not only the lesions and blistering are occurring on the external part of the body but also in the interior part of the body. Due to these signs and symptoms a patient will become extremely anxious and will feel extreme pain and because of the pain patients will be in a induce coma. The skin and mucosal membranes are the part of the body that gets affected the most but other organs may be affected including liver,

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