Steven Johnson's Everything Bad Is Good For You

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The Internet plays a major role in our daily life and has enormous effects and influence on the life of many people worldwide. These days, we cannot imagine the world without an Internet. Furthermore, before the Internet was invented, the life was completely different. I remember as a teenager in the late 1990s, I always like to go out to watch the movies with my friends. At that time, the Internet was not so popular, and not many people had knowledge about the use of the Internet. For that reason, it was always challenging for me to keep track of the movie timings. I always spent hours on the phone, trying to get numbers of different movie theaters, and finding about the movie timing and the locations. As the new technology and the Internet…show more content…
In the book, Everything Bad is Good For You, Steven Johnson writes, “I have no doubt that playing today’s games does in fact improve your visual intelligence and your manual dexterity, but the virtues of gaming run far deeper than hand-eye coordination” (24). Johnson explains that the gaming improves our skills and makes us smarter. Johnson also points out, “the gaming population turned out to be consistently more social, more confident, and more comfortable solving problems creatively” (153). Johnson points that the new technology like video gaming are making people smarter by teaching them about problem-solving, creating connections, and helping people become confident and creative. To illustrate, my 9-year-old niece can do her homework by herself because if she has any question, she can easily search it online without waiting for an adult to answer her questions. Also, the new technology such as video games and YouTube videos help her learn so much new stuff. Carr’s writes, “The electronic revolution is approaching its culmination as the computer- desktop, laptop, handheld-becomes our constant companion and the Internet becomes our medium of choice for storing, processing, and sharing information in all forms, including text” (77). I agree with Carr’s point that the Internet and technology made it so easier for to store and access information because…show more content…
The video gaming creates so many problems in our society. Johnson’s points, “The worst that can be said is that they sanction, and even promote aggression and violent responses to conflict. But what can be said with much greater certainty is this: most computer games are a colossal waste of time” (17). Johnson’s describes that the video gaming and the technology create aggression and violent behaviors in the users, and most games are just a waste of time. To illustrate, my 8-year-old nephew loves video games. He likes playing many different kinds of fighting games. These games made him so hyper and aggressive, and he does not realize that his behavior hurts other people around him. His teachers always complain that he is not doing well in class because of his aggressiveness, and he misbehaves with his classmates. Also, Johnson’s mentions, “The dirty little secret of gaming is how much time you spend not having fun. You may be frustrated; you may be confused or disoriented; you may be struck” (25). I agree with Johnson’s point because many gamers left confused. Even when they are not playing video games, their brain is constantly thinking about the
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