Steven Pinker's Dangerous Ideas

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The word “dangerous” could have a different meaning to people. The word can have many different contexts according to different people. When I read Steven Pinker’s list on dangerous ideas it made me wonder how most of these topics on this list can be quite difficult to talk about with others. The nature of these questions can cause uproar among people who all have different experiences or opinions. One of the questions that stood out to me in Pinker’s essay was “Do men have an innate tendency to rape?” This question caught my eye considering I do know women who have been raped by a man. Is the leading cause in this atrocity caused by a gene, lack of love as a child, or something way deeper? Pinker describes a “dangerous idea” as “not harmful technologies but as statements of fact or policy that are defended with evidence and argument by serious scientist and thinkers but which are felt to challenge the collective decency of an age (Pinker 531).” A dangerous idea…show more content…
It’s a difficult topic to discuss because it can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or so forth. If there even is a slightest implication that rape could be in someone’s genes, could anyone possibility test this theory and get willing people to test this theory out. If there is any truth to it being in a man’s nature, how would a scientist go about curing or attempting to fix such a problem globally? The answer is no one simply knows until further research is occurred. With such a horrific act as rape, it is impossible to ignore such things that happen involving this. Many women to this day still do not speak up or even they do, does not receive the justice they truly deserve. To the article regarding the teenager girl and how she was raped by a man “accidentally” falling into her is despicable because she never received the justice she
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