Steven Spielberg: An Altruistic Filmmaker

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Steven Spielberg: An Altruistic Filmmaker “ You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it” -Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg has done many things to improve the world today and has given back more than just enjoyment to people, he has given in many donations. Steven Spielberg always followed his dreams as a child and look at how much success it has given him today. He is a famous film producer and is the creator of an entire animated film company. Spielberg brought back many moviemaking traits and characteristics and has many works that have done so. This filmmaking genius got his dream career jump started by not only his parents getting a camera, but also his role model, David Lean, making the movie Lawrence of Arabia, Steven Spielberg was interested in making movies ever since he was a kid. His “first film” was on his father’s eight millimeter camera and it was based off of him crashing two toy trains together (Mara, 12-13). When he was a teen he won an award for a 40 minute movie, Escape to Nowhere, that he brought to a film festival. After this, he decided that movie…show more content…
Spielberg was involved in 12 charities including the American Red Cross. He donated millions of dollars to these charities out of the kindness of his heart, once for Hurricane Katrina he gave $750,000 to the fund of helping the people in need. Steven Spielberg also made many award-winning films and influenced many people. One way he did so was helping them understand both sides of World War Two through his films and video game series, Medal of Honor. Steven Spielberg dreamed and worked hard to be a filmmaker when he was young and it brought him to being one of the most famous directors today. He is a very clever man with very good ideas about ways of life, he says to follow your dreams in between the lines of his quote ,“ You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make
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