Steven Spielberg Influences

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“I dream for a living” (Steven Spielberg) Steven Allan Spielberg is one of the most famous directors for hollywood of all time. As a young boy, age 10, he grabbed his father’s camcorder and began to make his own movies. His first one, firelight, which cost $500 to make, was about an alien encounter. Things only got better from there. He made it into a college and got a degree and went off to direct movies for Universal Studios at a very young age. He has revolutionized cinema. He will also inspire many filmmakers to come. Steven Spielberg’s awards are of great proportions, but perhaps his most notable achievement in his life span is his Oscars for best director. He may have directed other noteworthy films such as Jurassic Park and produced movies such as Back to the future, but he won his oscars for movies that are more adult themed. Schindler 's List arrived into theaters in 1994 which depicted the brutal and inhumane pain and suffering delivered onto the Jewish people by the…show more content…
The reason his movies are loved universally by the young and the old is because of the theme of children. Everybody has been a child once. His scariest movies, such as Jaws and Gremlins, we can relate to because of the common childhood fear of the dark, animals, or things we don’t understand. His cheerier movies, such as Jurassic Park, E.T., and Back to the Future, which remind us when we were young and had such dreams. Even his darker movies, such as Schindler’s List can remind us of children, Oskar Schindler’s daring plans, and the sense of adventure we had when we were young. Oskar does the right thing in the movie and disregards the ramifications and this reminds us of our childhood when there was a clear line between right and wrong. Our ability to connect to his movies is what grants Steven Spielberg and his movies a guaranteed spot in
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