Steven Truscott Case Summary

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Steven Truscott Case: Analysis
In 1959, in Southwestern Ontario, town of Clinton a young man named Steven Truscott was wrongly convicted for the murder of his 12 year old classmate, Lynne Harper. Steven was seen giving Lynne a ride on his bicycle to the highway 8 intersection around 7pm, a favor she asked him to do. Two days after Steven Truscott was seen giving Lynne Harper a ride to the highway intersection, Lynne Harper was found dead near a tractor trail near a wooded area. Although Steven Truscott claimed that he saw Lynne Harper get into a car after he dropped her off, many people continued to believe that Steven Truscott murdered her. Thanks to forensic entomology, Steven Truscott was exonerated and was proved innocent.
It was clear when the body was found that Lynne Harper was the victim of a very brutal murder and possibly even rape. One of the people that were helping along to solve thus murder was a retired police officer named Barry Ruhl. It was difficult for the investigators, working for the Ontario
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I personally think that the case was all investigated wrong in the first place. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) could have investigated more people besides just focusing on Steven Truscott. I think the they maybe ad something against him to begin with and wanted him to get sent to prison because they did not consider any other suspect who were in fact, more likely to have murdered Lynne Harper. In my opinion, I believe that Alexander Kallichuck was the one who killed her because he already had several sexual offense charges against him and he didn’t live far from the tow of Clinton. If the police would have investigated this case very carefully and closely like they should have and payed attention to the bugs found on Lynne Harpers body, they would have most likely been able to rule Steven Truscott as a suspect and find the actual

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