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Unfortunately ,mayority of people who suffer from amnesia, agree with comedian Steven

Wright, explaining the process of ' 'restarting ' ' their memory as déjà vu. Neurologists are blown

away by the fact ,that a human memory can simply be ' 'lost ' ' due to a head trauma or a traumatic

event . It 's like your memory is there, but you simply can 't reach it. How does amnesia develope,

and what are the type 's of it? Theodule Armand Ribot answers the first question

in his theory called the Ribot 's Law which states, that there is a time scale in retrograde amnesia.

Ribot explained that a human brain follows a model of memory loss, after a human experiences

amnesia. First, a person loses his short term memory. This can be
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What are the types of amnesia?

There are two main types of amnesia. Anterograde and retrograde. Even though they sound

almost the same, the difference is great. Retrograde amnesia is the inability to remember past events

and recall memories before the amnesia. It is impossible for patients to recall memories, but they

can make new memories,starting from the trauma. The condition is usually the result of a head

trauma, stroke, or alcohol intoxication. People lose all basic concepts;what time is, what love is, to

read, to write, etc. The most important role here plays the hippocampus located in the central lobe.

He is in charge of making new memories, and when the brain or the tissue around the hippocampus,

survives a shock of any kind, certain inability occurs. The most popular case of this kind is the case

of an ex NFL player, Scott Bolzan. He had a car accident at the age of 46 ,and after the accident, his

memory was completelly ' 'wiped out ' ': ' 'It was the most terrifying felling. It was the most loneliest

feeling. I didn 't know what a tree was. The sound of the car,the smell of an exhaust. By the time
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