Steven Wright's Theory Of Amnesia

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Unfortunately ,mayority of people who suffer from amnesia, agree with comedian Steven

Wright, explaining the process of ' 'restarting ' ' their memory as déjà vu. Neurologists are blown

away by the fact ,that a human memory can simply be ' 'lost ' ' due to a head trauma or a traumatic

event . It 's like your memory is there, but you simply can 't reach it. How does amnesia develope,

and what are the type 's of it? Theodule Armand Ribot answers the first question

in his theory called the Ribot 's Law which states, that there is a time scale in retrograde amnesia.

Ribot explained that a human brain follows a model of memory loss, after a human experiences

amnesia. First, a person loses his short term memory. This can be almost anything ,because it 's not

time definited, meaning the information you received an hour ago, a day ago, a week, month even

year, will be lost. It all depends on, how big the trauma was.

Secondly, you lose your personal memory. In most of the cases this means information about

your family ,friends ,your name, date of birth, etc. In some cases a person can lose his own identity,

after what his brain would come up with a completely new one. The most important case is the

story of Jeff Ingram ,who was missing for one month, after his wife recognized him on the national

TV in a different state. He was refering himself as ' 'AL ' ' because the nurses in the hospital gave him

a medical card named Alfa 74, because

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