Stevenson High School Interview

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Stevenson High School provides a comprehensive and challenging academic, athletic and co-curricular program to its students. In order to achieve this, the school recruits and develops highly talented, passionate and committed employees.

Group Certification Responsibilities Number of Employees
Work under individual administrator contracts

ISBE professional educator license with General Administrative (old) or Principal endorsement (new); Superintendent, Director of Special Education, Assistant Superintendent of Finance, and Director of Business Services positions require specific administrative endorsements

Provide oversight and leadership for all activities in the District Administrators: 29.00 FTE

Group includes
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Candidate must have strong content and pedagogical knowledge.

Application Procedure:
Online applications are required ( Applicant should complete the electronic application process and upload all requested materials.

The developed questions will be presented during the interview for the new German teacher.


Reflect on the first encounter with the teaching profession? Was it positive or negative and why? Was it high school?


Describe yourself as a teacher? How will you measure your own success as a teacher? What kind of impact do you want to have on your students?


Reflect on a specific lesson you felt you were really successful at. o What were the activities? o How did you teach the lesson? o How do you know it was so successful? How would you teach German? How do you make it meaningful?


How do you know that your students mastered the objective of the lesson? What do you do if they don’t? Imagine you’re teaching a lesson about Health in German, talk about three different ways you would assess whether your students learned the
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How this community can help you to grow as a teacher?


Each question will be evaluated based on the developed and prepared rubrics.

Developing Adequate Accomplished
Precision of Response The response had lacking a coherent sequence and difficult to follow. The response was presented in a clear and organized manner. Some effort to maintain audience’s attention through organization of the text, and/or details. The responses were specific to the questions.

The response was clear and well organized. The response illustrated originality and rich details that capture interest and attention of audience. The responses were very specific to the questions.
Elaboration of Ideas There was little elaboration used in each response. Each response contained an elaboration using examples from experience or from candidate Portfolio. Each response contained an elaboration using examples from experience and from candidate Portfolio.
Reflection The response showed little thoughtfulness or reflection. The response contained some personal reflections. The response was appropriately reflective and contained some personal

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