Steve's Paintball-Personal Narrative

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One day Steve was playing paintball with his friends. He was on blue team and they were losing. They were playing in a paintball arena with three floors and a lot of mazes on each floor. Steve loved to play paintball when he was younger, so he played a lot of paintball, and he is really good at it. The other team had his best friend Alex, David, Quentin, Patrick, Jay, Jacob, and Henry. Before they were at Steve’s house doing his favorite thing, playing video games. When they were playing video games they were talking about paintball. They wanted to play paintball and have a wager on it. The wager was the team that lost had to wear a dress to the mall. Now he regrets to make that wager because he was the only person left in his team against…show more content…
Then he heard their running and looked back, they were not looking at him. He shot two more shots and hit both of them. They looked back up and Steve shot at them, but they dodged it just on time. Steve tried to shoot another one, but he ran out of ammo and had to reload. He knew he couldn’t win a two v one with no ammo in his gun. He didn’t want to wear a dress in the mall where lots of people can see him. The only way he can win is if he jumps off the edge and hides while reloading. But he was scared of heights and wanted to do something else. He knew it was the only way so he did it. When he jumped he saw the fall was longer than he thought and he regretted his decision. When he landed on the floor, he heard a crack. He had broken his bone, but still tried to get up and run. Once he stood back up he got shot and went unconscious. When he woke up he was in the hospital with a cast on his arm. He saw his friends that were playing paintball with him. He told them to let him rest a bit. One week later he was feeling better, but his friends reminded him that he had to go to the mall in a dress. Steve tried running, but they caught
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