Stewardship: The Importance Of Giving Back To The Community

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As catholics we grow up living a life of stewardship. We are taught early on the importance of giving back to our community. Whether it is something as big as building a house for the homeless or participating in a local food drive, every act holds the same amount of meaning. Giving back is beneficial, and not just for the recipients. Stewardship can be rewarding because it allows a feeling of being helpful and getting to do something useful. Studies have shown that stewards can have a better self-empowerment and better personal health. The saying its better to give than to receive must be true after all. Helping is like a “high”, people just fall in love with the feeling. According to, Stewardship is the care, handling, and…show more content…
In fourth grade, my grade school made us conduct a stewardship project. I chose to do a drive for the Pregnancy Assistant Center. Students could donate money or diapers. I was able to give the Pregnancy Assistance Center 34 packages of diapers and $1100. These are just a few ways I have committed myself to stewardship. This year the ACA needs estimated about $13.5 billion for funds. To meet this goal they need catholics from all different areas. The opportunities for stewardship are endless, it’s not possible to do too much. The most important teaching of the ACA is “Stewardship”. A prime example of an organization that never stops giving back is the ACA or Annual Catholic Appeal. What exactly is the ACA? In order to completely define it, one must beak it up into words. The first word, Annual, means yearly. The next word, Catholic, means universal so the appeal is for everyone. Finally the last dictionary defines the last word, appeal, as an “organized request for donations”. Therefore the Annual Catholic Appeal is a yearly call to everyone, conducted by catholics, to help the less fortunate in a community. The ACA is a worldwide call to everyone to love. It helps give people the chance to be courageous and help someone who is in desperate need or

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