Stick By Michael Harmon

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Stick by Michael Harmon is a great book that involves comedy, tragedy, heartbreak, happiness, and betrayal. He wrote the novel with heart and he put a lot of work into it. Brett Patterson better known as stick for his sticky hands on the football field is a varsity wide receiver for his high school. The best one the school has ever seen. Many colleges are looking for him to play at their school but UCLA wants to give him a full scholarship. Brett is extremely excited for this scholarship and he knows he can go pro and have a job doing the one thing he loves and that's playing football. Except there is one problem Brett hates football. He has spent his entire life playing it. His father is a slobbering drunk that does nothing but correct…show more content…
he fights crime. Having a back story like Bateman, his father died in a robbery on the side of the road after a movie. Preston puts on a silver suit with a lightning bolt and carries around a baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, and a police scanner. Brett finding this awkward yet interesting decides to join Preston. Now after Brett has been kicked out of his house for quitting football and the starting quarterback and linebacker trying to kill Brett he enrolls in a school exchange program where he now plays for the rival team the Lewis and Clark, Tigers. With high steaks on the line and a shot at the state championship Brett has to play with his heart and fight for himself. In conclusion I highly recommend this book and I think you will highly enjoy it. Stick a novel by Michael Harmon has a five star rating from me and also from the New York Times. Stick is a well written book that i highly recommend to readers of all ages. I say this because you can really connect with the characters and this book shows how a teanager can rebel in the right way. I HIGHLY recommend “Stick” by Michael Harmon I enjoyed it and i think you will as
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