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Cavities are used to refer to holes or structural damage in the teeth ,bacteria are normally present in the mouth which help in converting food especially starch and sugar into acids. Bacteria , acid formed and debris combine further to form a substance called plaque that adheres to the teeth. During brushing if this plaque is not removed it leads to teeth decay.

The acids in plaque usually builds up on the teeth 20 minutes after eating and starts to dissolve the enamel surface of the tooth and create holes in the tooth called cavities or carries. Cavities are not only common with children but also adults especially it occurs with ageing. Pulling away of gum tissue from the teeth commonly associated with gum diseases can expose tooth roots to plaque. Foods rich in carbohydrates are known to be accelerant to teeth
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Cavities to many people are usually painless thus difficult to discover them but the most common cavity symptom are an increased sensational to cold sweet foods and beverages .Cavities in hospitals are usually detected by hands –on and radiographic examinations

Treatment of teeth cavities may involve a procedure called filling, this involves filling the teeth by removing the decayed tooth and replacing it with a material such as silver alloy, gold or porcelain. Porcelain is usually preferred for the front tooth as it usually looks like a natural tooth .The case where the tooth decay is extensive it is highly advisable to use crowns ,the weakened teeth is removed and fitted with a crown which can be made of gold or porcelain. If you use fillings you may increase the chances of the teeth breaking.

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