Stigma In The Lgbtq Community

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For years the LGBTQ community has, and continues to work hard to establish their presence in society. In the past few years, states supporting marriage equality increased and rights such as military benefits, joint tax filing, etc; were also implemented. Today the LGBTQ community only continues to grow and make progress. However, not all minorities in this community are making the same progress as others. Those who identify as bisexual have reported heightened feelings of oppression, Stigmatized, and isolation even from within their own LGBTQ community. Furthermore, these feelings may not only be a result of their sexual orientation, but their sex as well. This paper is the contrasting perspectives of Erving Goffman and Emile Durkheim in regard…show more content…
The criticism is directed against the clarity of concept and observation of stigma defined in different ways. The perception is characterized as an attitude of unfavorably treat to a person because of the characteristics that define it. The sociologist Goffman pointed that an individual may be stigmatized in society for defining appearances, for example the individual is not liked and blamed in relationships with others. Adams and Sydie (513) mentioned that “the stigmatized individual also tends to “hold the same beliefs about identity” as the “normals”. As a result, the stigmatized individual perceives that whatever others profess, they do not really ‘accept’ him and are not ready to make contact with him on equal…show more content…
If the communication is neglected or is different from others such as people who have a strong accent like me, then the interaction is sometimes difficult and the individual feels left out. In some careers, women are very few such in many places in the society. In addition, many people of group of faith who share different beliefs maybe left out. The challenges that religious women face wearing the islamic covering and disease are also sources of discrimination, as they are considered the stigma we don’t see. Finally back to my topic, the sex orientation of the individual is also a factor of

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