Stigma Relating To Intellectual Disability Study

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Society has always put disabled people as they cannot do anything that a regular person can do. That they get treated differently in the health care society and many more. It is about time to change the stereotypes and show that disable people are the same as everyone else. First thing I would like to point out is that disable people are most unemployed. “Considering the scale of global unemployment or underemployment of people with disabilities, the importance of agencies in their employment, and the relative ignorance of employers about the existence and services offered by agencies, the aims of the present study are two-fold.” The main reason is that some workplaces believe they aren’t capable to learn what to do in the requirements to…show more content…
Some workers mistreat disabled clients with no respect. We should take action like Alison While and Louise Clark did by writing the article called Overcoming Ignorance and Stigma Relating to Intellectual Disability in Healthcare: A Potential Solution, to spread the message on making a better health care system. Allison and Louise wants to find a way to improve a positive environment for them. “The UK Learning Disability Consultant Nurse Network 2006 set out their vision of learning disability nurses leading the way to the achievement of positive health outcomes for this client group through a collaborative approach to address barriers to social inclusion. This is perhaps overambitious given that many people with intellectual disabilities are not known to what remains of learning disability services and with the nursing specialty in decline with very limited research and development standards.” This is great idea to contribute in the health care system for people with disabilities. I believe it can educate the employees to understand that disability is just something they were born with. Because in the end of the day they are human just like us. If we don’t change ignorance that people throw on disability then it just going to stay the same. Another Alison and Louise want to do is get them a better plans for people that have a long term condition. “This can only be achieved for…show more content…
Natalie Abbott is photographer and wanted to do project on kids with disability. She shared her project in an article Nothings Uglier Than Ignorance. “The opportunity for participants and audience alike to challenge stigma associated with difference by celebrating the beauty and richness of human diversity.” Her project is spreading a positive message, but it’s also helping them boost their confidence. “The website is a mini-exhibit; it is illustrative of how the project designers conceive of its organization and its presentation to the public. The home page begins with an introduction to the program, in the form of a “highlight” slideshow of portraits. The photo cycle begins slowly, changing from portrait to portrait, enabling the viewer to focus on each photograph. Then the speed progressively increases, so that by the end it is difficult to focus on individual photographs, and the almost blending photographs create a seemingly moving image.” This is article is inspirational that breaks society norms. I have no doubt that if we have more people like Natalie thing would change for the better. People will see that disability is something beautiful. They are God’s creation made by His image; He doesn’t make any mistakes. Even though people with disability seem different to us, they still unique in their own

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