Unemployed Workers

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Unemployed worker stigmatization directed at individuals previously laid off is additionally hindered by discrimination against minority status, job level, age, labor markets and previous length of employment (Karren & Sherman, 2012). Workers that have been laid off, instead of being seen as victims, are being perceived as deficient in ability and skill. The stigmatization is more detrimental to previously laid off minorities, mature workers and those that have been unemployed for a long time. Further impacting the stigmatization against such individuals is the level of the job being sought and the availability of jobs. As a remedy, organizations should review human resource policies and practices and the ways they are applied to unemployed…show more content…
The main purposes of financialization are to make the financial sector more economically powerful than the real sector, to take money from the real sector and give it to the financial sector, to make income inequality greater, and to increase wage stagnation. Other possible financialization risks are debt-deflation and recession prolongment. In order to prevent financialization, the government must regain policy control over the market, force corporate responsiveness to stakeholder interests in more ways than just via the financial market, combat the neo-liberal economic schema pushed by financialization, and force political reform allowing for prevention and diminishment of corporate, political and financial elitist influence (Palley,…show more content…
Georgios Argitis and Stella Michopoulou researched ways in which financialization through institutional channels had a negative impact on employment performance in market-driven economies, by disrupting the social cohesion and damaging equitable development. In addition, if financialization was to come to fruition, the only way full employment could be attained would be through the federally funded “Employer of Last Resort” policy strategy whereas the government would hire all those ready, willing and able to work for minimum wage paying jobs causing a negative impact on the workforce (Argitis & Michopoulou,

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