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Stillborn. What does one feel when they find out they had a still born! Pain, sadness and anger are some of the feelings you feel when faced with sad reality. Today we will be analysing this women’s feelings towards a stillborn, how she describes a stillborn in which I agree completely as that is how a stillborn should be remembered. Beautiful words for a beautiful flower that unfortunately did not have the chance to blossom into a little diva. The pain she felt is one feeling that is only felt by her, to understand that feeling you have to go through that same situation yourself but it’s a situation that is not wished upon anyone.

In the first stanza the poet refers to the stillborn as “beautiful flower” which I completely agree upon as that is how babies whether alive or stillborn should be referred as. She uses metaphor in the first stanza, as a comparison between a stillborn and a beautiful flower. Just as how a flower has petals that are big and bold and stand out so too does she associate it with a baby that has eyes that are big and bold but no longer hold life in them. “Proudly pastel and pink” giving colour to the flower describing the shade of pink it is so too is the colour of newborns skin, this would show life into the child but there is no life in the child. Even though you life ended so soon that they didn’t get to see you
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Nothing is left to be done as the damage is already done now all she can do is just love you from a distant and you wonder into another world but as you go on just remember these words “we love you” for there is nothing left to do but just love you. We might e apart in a different place but one thing shall remain the same is my love for you. Little angel fly away to better place but never forget me as I shall never forget
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