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Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, Stephanie H, Meyer and John Meyer Pages: 187 Title: Still Handsome Author: Julie White This story is about a relationship between a sister and her brother, and how the sister learns to be grateful for what she has in life instead of what she could have. In this story the older sister to her brother Jay was complaining about her hair and how it always seem to be a mess especially in the winter. However, one day it seemed to fade away to the least of her problems. It all started one day when her brother Jay was complaining about the cold temperature in the room and also about the pain in his arm. It really didn’t seem to be a concern to their parents they just thought it was Jay trying to adjust to kindergarten. In this case kindergarten wasn’t the problem, and it was only a matter of time before Jay’s parents realized that. One day Jay and his sister were playing together outside when he had began to scream hysterically. His sister ran over, picked him up, and brought him inside. His mother took him to the doctors that day, and discovered that Jay had bone- marrow cancer. This really made Jay’s sister think carefully on what she said around him, she didn’t want to say anything to make him cry. A few weeks past when the chemotherapy made his hair fall out, lose weight, and vomit all the time. The worst of it all was the loss of Jay’s hair, it didn’t seem to get bad until one day when a big chunk of hair came

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