Still I Rises Analysis

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The core values empowerment, service, excellence, catholic identity and respect represent the community of Marywood. As a whole, the values are presented in everyday lives of a student. “A Good Man” by Mark Shriver exemplifies the core values throughout the novel. More specifically, the novel strongly conveys the value empowerment. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou introduces the value of respect in a beautifully displayed poem. “A Good Man” and “Still I Rise” are excellent pieces of literature that exemplify the values of empowerment and respect. “A Good Man” demonstrates empowerment constantly throughout the novel. For example, Mark Shriver’s father, Sargent Shriver, and his faith empowered him all throughout his life. With his faith, he empowered his family to attend Church weekly. His family was always together and there for each other. In addition, his faith empowered him to strive in community service. Sargent Shriver was recognized widely for his community service and his impact on many organizations. Marywood University and Sargent Shriver equally believe in the value empowerment, and the strength it has in an individual. Marywood University and Sargent Shriver equally empower individuals to partake in community service. Marywood University empowers students to participate in community service. Campus Ministry offers various…show more content…
No matter how many situations arise, the writer does not let it affect them. The writer’s confidence is inferior to others and indestructible. The writer states, “You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise,” (Angelou). This statement exemplifies no matter what audience or situation comes about, they will stay empowered with their confidence and resilience. In society, people who display these characteristics are very well respected. The message across this poem is to stay resilient and people in society will respect
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