Still Killing USftly By Jean Kilbourne Summary

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The average American will spend around a year and a half of their lives watching television commercials (Kilbourne 395). Presently advertisements are controlling our everyday lives. In Jean Kilbourne’s article: “Still Killing Us Softly: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness”, she discusses how advertisements negatively portray women. This negative portrayal leads to self-hatred and a negative self-image for women. A major point of this is the idea of excessive thinness for women, which the advertising industry is dominantly influencing how women need to meet this standard. Kilbourne argues that advertising and the media cause women to believe this is the only standard and we must meet it. Two recent advertisements in Glamour magazine…show more content…
This advertisement shows a beautiful model seductively leaning on a couch bed gracefully holding onto an enormous Juicy Couture perfume bottle. The model is wearing a short pink dress and has light pink painted fingernails. The model appears to be an excellent portrayal of thinness as seen by her slim figure. Surrounding the model is a white couch with gold sparkles and flakes tossed all over. The glass perfume bottle, has a large pink bow tied around the neck and the name and art on the bottle are in pure gold. An interesting feature of the bottle is that it refracts a hint of pink. The advertisements slogan: VIVA LA JUICY, is in a bold blocky font, and the color of the text is in hot pink. The gold on the perfume bottle and gold flakes placed all over the couch add emphasis to the luxury of the product. In the Juicy Couture advertisement, the model is wearing a short pink dress that matches the pink bow on the perfume bottle she is holding on to. Given the color’s of the model’s dress and the bow around the perfume bottle, the woman’s body pictured in the advertisement is the equivalent to a large perfume bottle with a pink bow tied on it. This idea goes hand in hand with Kilbourne’s idea that women’s bodies represent a product or
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