Still Life With Old Shoe

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All artists use different styles to help convey their message through paintings like Expressionism and Cubism which are ways to communicate with the world emotionally or physically, similar to Surrealism that is both spontaneous and strange in visual qualities. Each painting has a specific style that is used throughout the composition to describe the subject matter in a way that distinguishes from other works of art. It’s up the artist to incorporate his particular style into subjects to create a transformation from reality onto the canvas using multiple ways of integrating certain elements to establish a new piece. Throughout the years artists have been generating numerous art collections that were uniquely design and thought out to demonstrate various procedures that will somebody influence others into finding new ideas for styling art.
The European modern style that underlies the works in the first group is Cubism and the
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The work from the third group, Still Life with Old Shoe by Miro Joan has a style that’s different than the others because this one focuses on surrealism, which involves imaginative ideas that have a psychological attribute in artwork. Their approach is to create a strange dreamlike setting by juxtaposing elements relating to the subject to construct an usual piece that isn 't found in real life. In the image the viewer can see assorted items on a table, involving an apple with a fork punctured through it along with a bottle in the center with a loaf of bread next to it and an untied shoe on the bottom right corner. All of these items appear distorted from the proportions of the scale are off balance and with the use of yellow, black and red to create an acidic setting that’s seems to be
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