Still Separate Still Unequal Education Essay

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It is nearly impossible to pinpoint the ultimate causes of poverty. However, I do strongly believe that unequal schooling plays a huge role in furthering this cycle of poverty for generations to come. Having a great education especially from a prestigious school equals to boundless of financial opportunities. The real question now is that who are the majority 's that are able to obtain this great education? According to the reading on unequal schooling we did in class called, Still Separate Still Unequal By Kozol, it was known that wealthy people were able to provide their children with prestigious Pre K that almost guarantee success later in life. This is because at these prestigious Pre K’s, Children were able to learn far more quality education and life skills that free Pre K do not provide at all. Thus, already at a young age poorer children have a education…show more content…
For example, during the discussion Sarah Weltz mentioned that even when minorities are able to get that top notch education. They are still at a disadvantage with job opportunities just because of their race. Which connects to the experiment of how people are getting hired base on if their name sounds white and not base of actual qualifications. Other than that, racism has always been a recurring issue throughout history that helps indirectly lead many to poverty. Such as when When Rebecca mention that Nemertea of racial groups in America faces discrimination when they first arrive such as the Irish and Italians. Thus, during those times, they too were unable to find a job and live in poverty. Furthermore, I now See how racism also affects poverty to some extent but Education will forever be a huge factor that leads to

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