Stimulant Abuse

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Stimulant Abuse Among College Students Non-medical use of prescription drugs is prevalent among college students. Various publications have indicated that the abuse of prescription drugs on campus is becoming a major concern of medical practitioners (Weyandt and DuPaul). Although there are policies in place to reduce the access to prescription drugs, studies have revealed that these drugs are very accessible to students on campus. Stimulant medications, which are used to to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, are heavily used by college students. ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that first appears in childhood and often continues well into adulthood. A person suffering from this disorder may have difficulties concentrating…show more content…
The specified medication involved in treating the disorder involves the application of ADHD stimulants meaning that if the drug is taken as prescribed by the medical doctor, the behavior and attention insignificance will be reduced remarkably. ADHD drugs are commonly abused by people through injection, insufflation, even rectal administration of the pills. Different research conducted has illustrated the illegal use of ADHD medication for their stimulating properties. Research indicates that students using the drug as a stimulant shows a positive increase in performance and cognitive skills (Vester, Brady and Galanter 78). Additionally, college students abusing the drug through using it as a stimulant state believe that the drug revives the body and the brain hence increase the ability to focus academically. Students have also explained that the drug reduces their need for sleep and thus one can stay awake for a long period of…show more content…
What most college students perceive to be performance enhancement is actually drug abuse. Adderall is a medical drug that is prescribed to patients with sleeping problems, attention and behavior problems. Being a sufferer of severe Narcolepsy, I have had years of personal experience with this medication. The medication is very potent with highly addictive properties and is directly connected the body’s “reward” system. There is a fine line between recreational drug use and drug abuse. Many people on campuses across the country abuse stimulants such as Adderall. The drug has become a common notion in many college institutions as a result of the positive impacts enhanced by students on the illegal application of the drug. Students assert on high performance, creativity effectiveness, attention and focus enhancement to be the result of the drug application. Provided with the concept that if the drug is illegally utilized it can lead to poor performance due to reduced creativity and causing different health risks; assessment of the impact of the drug can be probable. Therefore, despite the positive aspects enhancement of the illegal application of the drug to students, different cases of negative aspects have been reported and as a result it has impacted the health of the people. Different factors enhance the illegal application of the drug and as result, the society 's expectation,

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