Stineland: The Perfect Utopia

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Stineland is the perfect utopia. Everybody has a roof over their head and 3 meals a day as long as you follow my rules. I am the king of Stineland and you can chose to live here in peace or chose to live on Pluto where you have to wear a spacesuit at all times. Stineland is located on present-day Earth.
Stineland began in the year of 2027. It all began when Adolf Hitler’s grandson, Jared, took over the world. A lot of people were upset, because he was atheist and he was killing anyone who followed a religion. I got a large group of people together and we went to Jared in Germany and overthrew him as king of the world. I became king and named my country Stineland.
Stineland is a peaceful place. If you do not follow rules given by

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