Stingrays-Personal Narrative

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Sitting on the edge of the stingray aquarium at Seaworld, dazing into the crystal clear water was a beautiful sight. The beaming of the heat on my back, and the humidity making my hair frizzy was overwhelming. I nervously hovered my hand over the water and poked my finger into the habitat. My ears then, caught the sound of the food machines clicking. The sound caught my brothers attention too. Tanner quickly got up and dashed to retrieve the stingray food. My eyes bulge out of my head. “Am I really going to feed the stingrays!” “Are they going to hurt me?” I thought. My hands get clammy as I start to wave my hand in front of my face to cool myself down. All this worrying made me realize I was scared. After all, trying to calm myself down was difficult. But acting normal in front of my brother was easy. Tanner comes back with the slimy shrimp and he placed three of them in my hand. “Let me show you how to do this,” he exclaimed.…show more content…
He stuck his hand underwater while holding the shrimp. A giant stingray approached him and took his food. My eyes grew big, and my long, thick, blonde hair starts falling out of the ponytail. Inside the aquarium gates, I crawled slowly toward the stingrays. Although I was excited to be here, I feared confronting these creatures. Sticking my hand in their tanks made me worry if they would bite. “Could they sense my fear like a dog?” “Am I being silly and babyish?” “Surely this is dangerous?” Telling myself these worries only stalled the experience. My eyes then shifted back and forth from the shrimp to the stingray. Plunging my hand underwater was exciting, until I see a huge, black, stingray approaching me. The creature is about to gobble down the food, but then I discarded it, and it scooped it right up from the ground. My mouth opened wide, but then closed quickly, so the water wouldn’t splash into my
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