Sto Stop And Frisk: Preventing Racial Profiling By Police

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As citizens of America, we are taught to believe that we are going to be protected by the police and the constitution. In reality the police that are on beat and the courts are finding ways to violate our constitutional rights. Police are finding ways to violate our fourth amendment rights in such ways that makes civilians second guessing whether they are here to serve and protect or just to meet a certain quota. Stop and frisk was implemented to stop the crimes that are on the streets but, instead they are causing racial profiling by the police to African Americans and Latinos. The police are over using and abusing “Stop and Frisk” so they can make arrest and to put fear into young adult’s life. The civilians are afraid and do not respect these officers.…show more content…
So, then the officer will go and ask them questions and then feel around the person’s outer garments such as pants, waist, by the sock area, jacket (if worn at time) only to check for a concealed weapon and/or contraband. Never should the officer go inside the person’s pockets, shoe, or their pants. Stop and frisk is one of the most controversial police procedures that there are. This is a limited search that should only be performed when an officer has reasonable suspicions on a suspect. The American courts adopted stop and frisk from the British command
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