Stock Reflection Essay

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I am in Group Six along with Katherine May, Troy Kouklis, Charles Fleeman, Ekta Patel, and Ashley Park. It is different than working together in school because it is more serious. We are participating in an actual game against other schools all over California instead of working on a regular school project. So, in order to succeed, we have to really work together. I enjoyed working with the members of my team and we worked well because if we had different opinions on where to invest the money, we would try to compromise, tell each other what we thought, and try to agree on one thing. I learned lots of things about stocks. For example, you can either lose money or earn money if you buy a stock, so it is risky. Companies could go bankrupt, so you would lose money. Companies can have a successful product, so you would earn money. You make a portfolio of stocks to buy and stock markets have a 52-week change, which is the highest and lowest the…show more content…
I didn 't discuss what I learned about stocks with my parents, but I did tell them that I was participating in the Stock Market Game in GATE. I also told them about what place my group was in. I said to them that I was doing a lot of stock market-related things in GATE. Before the Stock Market Game, I didn 't know much about stocks. I did know that stocks had something to do with charts, finance, and percentages. I also knew that it had something to do with something called NASDAQ and DOW because the Stocks app on my father 's iPod showed how NASDAQ and DOW were doing with a chart. It showed its price and percent change, too. The highlights of the Stock Market Game were the times when we had to buy and sell because it was, to me, the most exciting part. You would buy the companies your group thought were good. You would also sell the companies your group thinks is not doing so well. These decisions will determine whether your group will get up to the higher place or not. Because of this, it is also the most stressful
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