Differences Between Stoicism And Christianity

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Stoicism and Christianity
It can be said that there is consistency between Stoicism and Christianity as they both have the same kind of understanding of God. Both are monotheistic, meaning they believe that there is one absolute, all-powerful being. However, the views of Stoicism and Christianity are by no means identical. Christian monotheistic view of God, according to the New Testament, is that God is immaterial, meaning that he is a spiritual Being. The stoics, however, have a different idea of God. The Stoic refer to God as the primal substance, which is fire as it is found everywhere, in man, the material universe, and the heavenly bodies. Also, according to Christian beliefs, man is made in the image of God. They believe that God made
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However, the Stoics don’t have the same idea. Stoics believe that help must come from your own reason.
Another big difference between the Stoics and the Christians, is that Christians usually believe in some kind of enemy, also now as Lucifer or Satan. They are considered to be a rival of God in a rival of God that somehow have the power to control people. Christians also believe that this enemy, also has followers, people that worship him, and is currently looking for more followers. Stoicism, on the other hand, mentions a kind of enemy sometimes, however, their enemy is known to be ouw own lowers self and all of out bad habits that oppose our divine
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Christians actually believe in resurrection, life after death, heaven, end of life as we know today, and even hell, where there is a enemy. For years, catholics, believed in purgatory which also, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ’’ a state after death according to Roman Catholic belief in which the souls of people who die are made pure through suffering before going to heaven”. So in other words, a place where souls can achieve the goodness to enter heaven. Stoics, however, do not have such a good idea of the afterlife. However, one thing that can relate to the afterlife, is that, apparently, Plato believed in reincarnation,
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