Stoicism's Theory Of Law: The Concept Of Natural Law

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Introduction The concept of natural law has taken several forms. The idea began with the ancient Greeks’ conception of a universe governed in every particular by an eternal, immutable law and in their distinction between what is just by nature and just by convention. Stoicism provided the most complete classical formulation of natural law. The Stoics argued that the universe is governed by reason, or rational principle; they further argued that all humans have reason within them and can therefore know and obey its law. Because human beings have the faculty of choice (a free will), they will not necessarily obey the law; if they act in accordance with reason, however, they will be “following nature.” A widespread concept of political and legal thought, denoting the aggregate or collection of principles, rules, laws, and values dictated by human nature and therefore seemingly independent of concrete social conditions and the state. Natural law has always appeared as a value category relative to the legal order in force in a given political society and to the system of social relations consolidated by such a legal order. In views serving as apologetics this system and the…show more content…
Social reformers and communists assaulted disparities in the public arena. Lawyers started to feel that law was not just an issue of applying statutes or point of reference to any given case or circumstance by methods for unadulterated rationale. The unsolved issues requested a guide higher than positive law. As the confidence of conviction faltered, hopeful reasoning restored. There was a scan for the beliefs of equity. The outcome was the restoration of natural equity. The development of belief systems which added to the restoration of natural law speculations. The new approach of natural law is worried about practicle issues and not extract thoughts. It tries to fit natural law with the fluctuation of human

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