Stokke Xplory Stroller Analysis

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Next up in our series of stroller reviews is the Stokke Xplory Stroller. A key feature with this versatile stroller is that it grows along with your child. This will be the only stroller you will ever need! During the infancy stage, baby can stroll comfortably in a beautiful bassinet facing the parents. As the child grows older, the seat can reverse. The Xplory’s innovative design feature allows the child to sit up high and really see the world around them, in addition to an adjustable footrest, allowing for maximum comfort (no more dangling little legs). The high position allows the stroller to replace the need for highchairs when eating on the go. Stairs? No problem, its two wheel conversion enables you tackle stairs with ease. Not…show more content…
The Stokke Xplory will accommodate the shortest and tallest of mommies and daddies; it has been tested on women under 5’ to men well over 6’ and has been very comfortable for each. Not only is the handle adjustable, it can flip in different directions to ensure that your hands and wrists always remain completely comfortable. The last thing we want to do is slouch over or have sore constricted hands when making our way through town. The Stokke Xplory ensures that your energy can be reserved for enjoying your activity at hand. How to Clean: No doubt, messes are going to happen! With a stroller as beautiful as this, you’ll surely want to keep it looking sharp. Thankfully, Stokke has made it easy to keep this stroller looking its best. All hard parts can be cleaned with a mild soap & water. The textiles can be washed separately, making it easy to only spend time cleaning the areas that got messy. The fabric is designed so both the canopy and visor can be easily hand washed. In addition, the shopping bag and diaper can be wiped with a clean damp cloth. Even easier yet, the seat lining, back cover, harness protector and seat rail pad can all be removed and machine washed! It will be very easy to keep this stroller

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