Stolen Day Short Story

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Compare and Contrast, Schatz and the Narrator
Sickness is common and when two young boys do get sick and sore at their age, they have no clue what will happen. In the story called “A Day’s Wait” by Ernest Hemingway and “Stolen Day” by Sherwood Anderson, two young boys react similar and different when they get sick. In “A Day’s Wait” a young boy named Schatz gets sick with a high fever, and a fever or a very small symptom of the flu is a very irregular cause of death, but Schatz is afraid he might die from a rumor in a different country. In “Stolen Day” the narrator, who is a boy, thinks he has inflammatory rheumatism or also known as rheumatic disorders, and he to thinks he may die as he observes a boy named Walter with the disorder as he struggles through the disease as he walks down to the lake and fishes everyday without going to school. Both stories are almost in the same time but not the same place and they both act dramatic yet sad.
Schatz and the narrator both
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Although Schatz and the narrator seem the same they are still very different. To begin with Schatz, he is actually sick with a fever of, “One hundred and two”while on the other hand the narrator thinks he is sick with inflammatory rheumatism that kills most children at his age (Hemingway 299).. In “A Day’s Wait” Schatz seems to not want his family to help him because he says, “You can 't come in,you mustn 't get what I have" (Hemingway 302). Yet the narrator in “Stolen Day” wants support from his family, “I was pretty sore at Mother. “If she really knew the truth, that I have the inflammatory rheumatism and I may just drop down dead any time, I 'll bet she wouldn 't care about that either," I thought” (Anderson 307). While Schatz is laying in bed sick and drowsy, the narrator is found to be perfectly fine, fishing, walking, and running when he is supposed to be very weak and limp with inflammatory rheumatism.. After looking at their differences one can find that they are very different from
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