Narrative Essay About Stolen Heart

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Stolen heart “The deal was just to share it. And though I ended up giving it to you, I want it back.” Her determined demeanor is just no joke, she longed for this very moment. She built all her courage to do this very thing she’s so scared and coward to do- asking her heart to be hers again. “I can’t.” He simply said while taking a hold of her heart. She waited no second and decided to grab it instead before she lose all her guts. She ran, delighted for assumed freedom of having it once more. But a sharp pain coursed through her. Looking at her heart, it’s ripped in half. Feelings It is hell lying awake at night thinking—what it would be like? Talking about nothing in particular that very same night. It’s awful wishing that things must have been the same. It’s painful that I regret the decision of not…show more content…
‘Cause I just literally broke my vow of choosing you every time. Confusion destroyed me. Every day I panicked I’m not doing and deciding things between us the right way. I know it sounds ridiculous how I am mulling over this kind of things when we are like, 19 and 19 year olds shouldn’t be worrying about this kind of stuffs. I overanalyzed everything. Because in the midst of confusion, I am also scared. Terrified, in fact. That somehow in my over analyzation I am losing you. Actually, though nothing is taken away from me, it feels like there is since that unfaithful night. I remember the nights where I think of things like I feel very lucky for being a part of your life and meeting you. Especially for being your first. I thought that we’re metaphorically holding hands together in this life and the hands grasped so tightly that even glue and paper would be ashamed. But it hurts me that the doubts you had suddenly had a way of separating our grasps. The day you decided to end things up, major portion of my happiness went downhill. You tore my heart.. and I remember you

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