Stolen Party

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Contributions to a Cold-hearted Society
“ No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes naturally to the human heart than its opposite “ - Nelson Mandela. This quote from Nelson Mandela shows that racial prejudice is taught, because no one is born with hating another person from a different culture or race. Many people are affected by this on a daily basis due to stereotypes we hear about other cultures while growing up. Due to this, racial prejudice, judgement, and violence are reasons why people should accept others who are different from themselves.
Racial prejudice has a major impact in our society, because it affects
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Many people are victims of this because they get judged for looking a certain way that others don’t desire. In the short story, “ Stolen Party “ , the author Liliana Hecker shares judgement between a young Hispanic girl named Rosaura and her friend’s mother, Senora Ines. Although , Rosaura´s cultural background is not stated by the author , we can infer she comes from a hispanic background based on the way she is treated and portrayed. For instance, the magician says, “ You , with the Spanish eyes “ (4). This demonstrates that Rosaura was judged by her facial appearance because she was called out for having “ Spanish “ eyes. This shows that people are so quick to criticize others for where they come from based on their physical features. Furthermore , the author also shows judgement between characters when Senora Ines tells Rosaura, “ Thank you for all your help , my pet ¨ (4). This reveals that Rosaura was seen as a maid towards the guests all along. She wasn’t viewed as a human being at the party because she was entertaining and attending all the guests. Instead, she was portrayed as something less than a human due to her race and actions. Afterall, Rosaura was the “ monkey “ throughout the event because she wasn’t invited as a guest or a friend. However, she was only able to attend the party because her mom works as a maid for
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