Stolen Tribe

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The local tribe that belonged to the Adelaide and Adelaide planes area was called the Kaurna people, which consisted approximately 300 Karrawirra Pari (red gum forest river) is the Kaurna name for the watercourse called the “River Torrens by the colonists”. This they used as a resource area and a favourite camping place for the Kaurna people, providing water, fish and other foods. The Kaurna people were a society that were very good at hunting along with fire stick farm, this is where they deliberately lit bushfires for hunting purpose. The reason that they did this was to help grow grass for the Emus and Kangaroo, Although the fires sometimes caused damage to others farmlands. Teaching young people was a big part of the Kaurna life, and…show more content…
The term “Stolen Generation” is used for Aboriginal people who were unrightfully taken from their families, this happened between the 1890s and 1970s. Many never saw their parents, siblings or relatives again. The reasoning behind why they did this is because they thought by removing them they would rid of their Language, tradition, knowledge, dances and spirituality as these things are passed down to children, and they hoping this would get rid of the aboriginals and their cultural by doing so. The stolen children were raised on missions or by foster parents, totally cut off from their Aboriginality. They were punished if they were caught talking their language. Some children never learned anything traditional and had little to no education. It was seen that the girls became domestic servants and the boy were to be stockmen. The effects that this had on the aboriginals was that they developed a sense of loneliness, low self-esteem and a loss of identity and to this day still causes a lot of mistrust towards white people. That’s why today when you are dealing with indigenous or Torres strait islands it is important that you find out a bit about their background so that you are aware, respectful and knowledgeable about the culture and beliefs, as everything we do as educators is reflected on the children and families in our centre. Working at a Child Care Centre, it is important to acknowledge Culture as a part of what makes us different and unique so we need to be open to the idea of uniqueness of each culture and identity, while also understanding the cultural diversity that exists in our service and in the world around them. Children learn and grow from their culture that’s why understanding and valuing all cultural diversity is very important, it also helps prevent racism, helps families and children feel like they belong, and ensures that people are happy and confident about their
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