Stone Canyon Research Paper

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Would you like to donate materials to help us build a garden for Stone Canyon? Stone Canyon is a outdoor learning center and a summer camp. They have schools that come to Stone Canyon. They teach you about all sorts of things like nature,indians, pioneers and who used to live in Larkspur back in the old days. They would like to have a garden because a lot of people do not come there a lot so they would like to have a garden so people can buy some of the flowers and veggies, so more people come to Stone Canyon. Another reason why is because they have a lot of ecners so they need to use some of those encers but there is a problem we do not have tools for the garden. So here is a few evidence I have for you.
We need tools to help build a garden. So as you can see we would like you to donate some garden tools. Stone Canyon
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They do not have a lot of money to buy expensive tools. We do not have enough money too to buy all the wood. They also do not have a lot of money because people say they do not like Stone Canyon. We would really like some tools so we can help them and be good friends. We would like to not pay a lot for expensive tools. We need money to keep Stone Canyon running. If we pay a lot for all of those expensive tools Stone Canyon could lose all of their money and shut down. All us us to not want that to happen because Stone Canyon Is so much fun and a great place to go to. For example they setted up a star gazing for our class so we could look at stars and learn about them. Then nobody would get to have fun and learn so much things.Stone Canyon really want to teach amazing things to other classes too. So as you can we would like some tools. Also we would love if you would donate some tools to us so we can build a garden for Stone Canyon. We would like for you to donate wood, flowers,veggies and other garden tools. So please donate tools to our school Larkspur Elementary
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