Stone Castle In The Middle Ages

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The lord and lady of a would be a sign of nobility, but would also have a huge threat on them which is why they had to build imposing stone castles to protect them, their serfs, and their families. Inside of the castle, there was a building called a keep, and that is where the noblest man and his family lived. Inside of this magnificent keep, is a dance hall, dining room, private solars (where the family would play games and talk at the end of the night), and a great hall that was used as an office. Inside the castle, there would also be stables, a big kitchen, and servants quarters. The servants were important as they did most of the daily work for the castle. There were also knights who would defend the castle against attackers. People in the castle, especially the nobles in the keep, were very wealthy. In the Middle Ages, the wealthy wore brighter colors, wore clothes from better materials, and had long jackets. The clothing was made from materials like…show more content…
Astounding stats on childbirth in the Middle Ages says it all. “Records from the time period suggest that approximately 20% of women died during childbirth and 5% of infants died during delivery with another 10-12% dying in their first month” (Freda). Sons were what most families prefered, but many were delighted by the birth of a daughter, with childbirth being so hard and of the family’s infants may have died in the past. If the child survived it was baptized and eventually brought home where life for the family would be normal again. Sometimes, the child would be raised by a wet nurse, until the age of 2. Some toys/objects that children would play included dolls, balls, blocks, and spinning tops. Around the age of 7, boys would be sent to another castle for knight training camp and if they were physically weak, they would become a scholar or a monk. Girls were sent to other castles to learn the skills of a marriageable young

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