Stone Dreams Critical Analysis

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The Critical Evaluation of Mikail Mamedov 's Article About “The Stone Dreams Scandal” One of the recent works of Azerbaijani literature that caused a controversy among the society and ruling class of the country is the novel of Akram Aylisli, Stone Dreams, published in 2013. The critical review examines the article written by Mikail Mamedov, which is called “The Stone Dreams scandal: the Nagorny Karabakh conflict and Armenian-Azerbaijani relations in contemporary literature". (2013) Mamedov gives arguments according to his research on the scandal of Stone Dreams, and analyzes the situation with an objective judgement. His overall arguments about Aylisli 's novel leads to the hypothesis that Aylisli 's novel can be categorized with one of the types of contemporary works, which is minor literature. Minor literature is defined with its three main characteristics, which are deterritorialization, political relations and enunciative value. (Deleuze and Guattari, pg.47) Minor literature does not mean speaking in minor language or expressing the ideas of minority, on contrary it is defined as speaking about “minor ideas” in a major language, which also defines its main characteristic, deterritorialization. In other words, it is the way of talking about the ideas in language of the society, in which people are against these ideas. Besides that, the works that are related to minor literature should also be related to politics and it must contain the nature of the political concepts.
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