Stone Relief With Dragon Analysis

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Stone Relief with Dragon Design The piece that I have chosen to write about in this paper is the Stone Relied with Dragon. This piece is from the 14th-15th century in China. It is thought to have been created during the Ming Dynasty, but further research suggests that it may have been built earlier, during the Tang dynasty ("Relief with Design”) This piece was made out of marble and is 50 ½ x 90 x 2 ½ inches. It was donated to the Dayton Art Institute my Mrs. Harrie G. Carnell in 1928. It is located in gallery 112, and the acquisition number is 1928. 48. A & B. I chose the Stone Relief with Dragon Design for my paper because I love the store it tells within itself. The Stone Relief with Dragon Design piece is made of sculpted marble. This piece of art is about four feet tall and seven and a half feet wide. The marble that it was created on is two and a half inches…show more content…
“A recent search said that in China, the dragon symbolizes power, excellence, valiancy, oldness, heroism, and perseverance, and nobility. It means these things because a dragon always overcomes obstacles until he is successful. It is said that a dragon is seen as a symbol of divine protection and vigilance (Wu). In Chinese art dragons are often depicted as chasing a pearl or a “jewel” like object of some sort. In the Chinese culture a pearl is seen as a metaphor for perfection or enlightenment. Research suggests that The Stone Relief with Dragon Design piece may have come from the Chongshan Temple in Taiyuan, so it is likely that in this piece the dragon could also symbolize an emperor and the pearl could symbolize perfection and enlightenment ("Relief with Design”). The pearl can also refer to riches. In the case of The Stone Relief with Dragon Design, the King could be protecting or striving for riches, perfection, or enlightenment, which were very important in when this piece was being
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