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I live in Lai King and the structure I choose is the Stonecutters Bridge. It connects Tsing Yi Island and the Stonecutters Island and spans the Rambler Channel.

Appearance and Structure of the Stonecutters Bridge:
Stonecutters Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with two bridge towers, one located at Tsing Yi Island and the other located at Stonecutters Island. The Bridge has a total span of 1596m and a main span of 1018m. The Bridge spans the Rambler Channel and plays an integral role in the new Route 8 strategic link by connecting the busy Kwai Chung Container Port and the International Airport with the urban area of West Kowloon.

Stonecutters Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge which is a stable and statically indeterminate structure.

The bridge has a height of 70 m to allow huge ships to pass below. Two gigantic towers of height 293m rise on the headlands where the cables hang on. The 2 planes of stay cables take a modified fan arrangement, anchored at the outer edges of the deck at 18m intervals in the main span and 10 m intervals in the back spans. There are four prestressed concrete back spans on each side, which will carry the road. The three intermediate piers are single column piers, while the end piers
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Both sides of the bridge are on reclaimed land and foundations are large diameter bored piles to bedrock.

Components in the Stonecutters Bridge:
The corrosion resistance of these steels is provided by the alloying element chromium; improved resistance is provided by the addition of 2 to 3% of molybdenum.
Steel was used on the deck of the main span. It is a twin-box girder arrangement. The box section deck provides convenient anchorages and has significant torsional properties.

Concrete was used on the deck of the back span.

Back spans

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