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Nowadays, with the combination of science and technology, thousands of buildings and structures are built in order to provide the most convenient living environment, such as house, food supply, utility supply, entertainment, schools, works and so on, for human being. With different purposes of use, buildings can be different in forms and shapes, for example a house and a commercial building are different in size , shape and layout. A building, or any structure, of any society is always influenced by the culture, religion, belief, value, and standard of the society, in which it is built on. And when the standard of one society develops and transforms overtime, the standard of the architectural form and shape of a building ,or a structure, will…show more content…
Stonehenge was created between 3000 B.C and 1520 B.C, during the transition from Stone Age to Bronze Age, and had been thought six stages of constructions. Stonehenge is a circular structure of gigantic stones which are weight from 4 tons to 40 tons. And the technique of how it was built is still unknown today. There are so many theories given to explain why Stonehenge was created and scientists believe that Stonehenge is a structure to predict the cycle of the Sun and Moon and is also a ceremonial site, a religious cemetery and also the final resting place for members of Royal. Stonehenge was constructed during the Stone Age so it is easy to understand that stone is the only material for this structure. Also, circular monument was a typical structure of cemetery during the pre-historic period and that could explain why Stonehenge is the stone circle monument and is also the spiritual cemetery place. The special thing about the Stonehenge is that even thought lacking of technology, the pre-historic human were able to create such an amazing structure. Not only that, they were able to observe and mark down different movements of the Sun and the Moon during in different period of time. The Sun and the Moon were very important to the Pre-historic human and that is easy to understand that the Stonehenge was created to predict the cycle of the…show more content…
The Great Pyramid is located on the Giza near the modern city of Cairo and was built between 2580 to 2560 B.C for Pharaoh Khufu of the 4th dynasty. There was no evident of why pyramids were built nor how they were built. Scientists have been spending years for studying pyramids and they come up with so many theories to explain the purpose of building the pyramid, but the most accepted one is explaining that the pyramid was built as a tomb for the king, Pharaoh. In the ancient Egyptian society, Egyptian believed that there was the Afterlife and they also believed that when Pharaoh passed away, the king started his journey from the Underworld and had to go pass twelve gates to complete some quests in order to be emerged as Ra, the Sun God. Therefore, when the king passed away, his body went through a process of mummification and was placed inside the pyramids. The Great Pyramid at Giza has a triangular shape with a base of 754 feet, a height of 479 feet and it was built of more than 2 million blocks of stone, which was weight around 2.5 tons. About the architectural shape of pyramids, the triangular shape is a very strong shape with a large rectangular base and it get smaller and smaller to the top. With this structure, the pyramid was built to stand strong against mother nature until the modern day today.

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