Stonewall Jackson Legacy

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Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was a war torn father, an educator, and most importantly a fearless and honorable military leader during the Civil War and the Mexican-American war. He had a rough past and a bright future, this man truly knew the definition of bravery and honor. He was so confident that he stood in the face of death with no fear or regret. Until his ironic death on May 10th 1863, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s name is known by many but few know the true story. This great military leader is still studied today. This is my essay on the legacy and leadership of Stonewall Jackson. Stonewall Jackson, better known as Thomas Jackson was born on Jan 21st 1824 in Clarksburg (then Virginia) West Virginia. When Jackson was merely 7 years…show more content…
He set a new standard for the soldier in the terms of bravery and loyalty. He was so brave in battle, people called him stonewall because he was so stubborn in the face of danger. He won many battles because of these defining features, it is what defined him as a soldier. Jackson’s other great impact on American history was his impressive military leadership. He won the battle of Shenandoah with 1-100 odds. He sieged and rampaged with the battles of Cedar Mountain, Clark’s Mt., 2nd Manassas, and Antietam. After his many accomplishments General Lee noticed his bravery and promoted him to General. Most importantly, he was a great man and leader and was revered by his soldiers. The respect that was given to him among his soldiers and peers was earned the old fashion way. Jackson’s true legacy was established after his death by friendly fire. Jackson left behind his popular nickname. He inspired bravery into his men like great leaders before him. He was an amazing commander and he was the “human representation” of the south. He overcame his struggles as a child and proved to his step-father he could become a real man. Even though he fought a losing battle his whole civil war career, he still needs to be remembered for his Honor, Bravery, Tenacity, and supreme military leadership. This great man died at the young age of 39, however his great leadership and legacy will live have a place forever in American
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