Stonewall Jackson Middle School: A Short Story

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The team is doing well this year, although they could do better. The coach Bret isn 't happy with the way the team has been playing. He wants to go over the limit with his offense procedure. The team record is 999-0. The team later had a meeting after the 999th game. The main topic was “We want to win more games.” The coach was the first one to speak and what he said was very off topic from what was expected. The coach’s first words were, if we don 't win more games we will end up shutting down the for good. The coach stared at the team for an even five years. Everyone’s eyes were locked on the coach. The school has very high expectations. The people in it are the things that can determine when, how, where and if the expectations stand.…show more content…
To some people, the season should 've been canceled, but the team was striving for excellence just like Stonewall Jackson middle School. Later, people found out that the fire was caused by an elopsidonenator which is a machine that controls gravity and pressing everything on earth to the sky. There was an incident with a little harry boy named Lastasha Unibrow Williamson. He was on his was to the treehouse club where he could get his eyeballs plucked for free. On his was up the tree he slipped while the elopsidonenator was being tested. The people testing the machine had sounded off the alarm to mind everyone about what was happening. As Lastasha was coming he old and busted tree the machine had started to run, and he had started rising and since the elopsidonenator pulled everything to the sky all the worlds water rose up, and left the earth. Then more happened. Although Lastasha had fallen to the sky from the ground, he didn 't suffer a major injury. He just had a purple heart, and inside out leg, a stretched out tongue, a pumped eyeball, and a cracked spine. Just the usual; nothing serious. He became famous for the first to fall from the ground. His jv volleyball squad had given him a free head of the bench pass so he could have a likelier chance to at least touch the
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