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) There were a few quotes that stood out to me today. Their was one that stood out the most to me and that was what Freak says later in the book," can remember anything whether it happened or not." I think that that means you can remember things that never happened even if you learn to know it never happened. This quote stands out to me because I can remember things that were merely my imagination from when I was little. One thing I can remember that my mom always said never happened was a story about me driving my mom and dad 's minivan down the road to a nearby gas station and breaking down, I had always insisted it happened even though it obviously never did until I was 10 years old. In conclusion you can remember the silliest things that could have never happened or something you imagined. 2) There was one quote that really stood out to me in the book today. That quote was,"...pain is a state of mind..." I feel that it means pain is all in your head, you can turn it off in a way. That stands out to me because I can relate because I play football, and when you get hurt or fall you aren 't even thinking about how much it hurts, you are thinking about getting up and tackling the running back or scoring, so pain isn 't on your mind which leads to you not feeling…show more content…
3) There was one quote that I feel strongly is true that was in the book. That quote is, “No one stays how they are.” This quote stands out to me because I have changed over the years I was a little kid to now. I think it means everyone changes with age personality wise and your body. When I first moved to Naples in the 3rd grade I thought I could never adjust to Naples School, and my thoughts were bad about it for about one year. In 4th grade Naples grew on me a lot, mainly because I was starting to make friends and then I was starting to change and adapt, and all the years after I liked Naples School and slightly changed, but not a lot. In conclusion anyone can change in any
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