Stop And Frisk Persuasive Essay

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The presidential debate is a terrifying and clear glimpse of what our future will consist of if we elect the wrong candidate. More specifically, electing Donald Trump as the president of the United States will be detrimental to nonprofit organizations and the sector as a whole as well. He is a man whose ideology is rooted in racism and inequality for women. Trumps inhumane stance on stop and frisk could create a rift in organizations that could essentially offset the way nonprofits service the community and interact amongst other organizations. Intrinsically, Trump’s implementation of stop and frisk is immoral and unconstitutional. It could cause major backlash from organizations that cater to people of color and people who are of a lower…show more content…
To further reiterate the racial divide it may cause, according to bozemandailychronicle, Trump’s remarks on his version of “law and order” came at a time when racial tensions were at an all- time high. It was during the Charleston, NC police shooting of an unarmed black man. This caused Hillary Clinton to congregate with the Mothers of the movement. They are a group consisting of African American women whose sons were shot down by policemen. This organization of women along with Clinton rallied for the release of their videos (Bill Barrow). Lastly, in the presidential debate, Trump stated that when stop and frisk was in motion crime was at an all-time low. This observation proved to be false. According to businessinsider, the New York City Civil Liberties Union, which is a civil-rights organization that is in opposition with the NYPD, “confirmed the decline in stops (Christina Sterbenz). “ In conclusion, Trump’s push to include stop and frisk could be dire for the nonprofit community. It could prove to be positive to some and negative to others but indeed cause a racial divide that could impact the way organizations interact and
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